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He replies that she could get married or open the flower shop she had talked about. She replies that she was better off where she was. At least she didnt know any better. She asks him if the clothes she wears are hers so she can know what to take and not be accused of stealing. Higgins is hurt and furious. He angrily tells her to take everything but leave his jewelry as it is on loan.

Eliza knows where they are and she brings them to him, but he doesnt notice. Neither of them notices her as they speak about her. The men agree that they are glad the experiment is over, the last few months have become boring. As the two men leave to go to bed, Eliza becomes hurt and angry at their thoughtless words. The stage direction is that Elizas beauty becomes murderous. Henry higgins enters again, still looking for his slippers. Eliza has become so angry that she throws the slippers at his face. She is furious and tells him that she is no more important to him than his slippers. He accuses her of being ungrateful assignment and over confident. She admits that although she has not been mistreated, she is left unsure of what is to happen to her now that the bet is over.

pygmalion shaw summary

George bernard, shaw and

Higgins berates her son on behalf of Eliza. She tells him that Eliza will never become presentable while she is living with him and his constant swearing. She wants to know more about the conditions Eliza is living under and berates the men further on playing with their mom live doll. The two men try to assure her with stories of the improvements Eliza had made, but she stops them. She tries to point out to them that they must accept the responsibility of what to do with the girl when the experiment is over and she doesnt fit into to any set class. They refuse to listen to her warnings and as they are leaving she is exasperated with the obstinacy of men. Act iv, when Higgins, pickering, and Eliza return to higgins home they discuss the night. They feel the success of the experiment. Higgins is looking for his slippers that he seems to misplace often.

pygmalion shaw summary

Pygmalion, act One - plot, summary

The brings Eliza to mention her aunt who died of the disease. She becomes so involved in the subject that twist she has a slip of her accent and reveals personal facts such as her fathers alcoholism. Freddy is dazzled by her and thinks her slip is the new small talk. He is obviously besotted. When it comes time to leave he offers to walk her when she replies that she will only go by taxi. Eynsford leaves, but her children stay a bit longer. Miss Eynsford, Clara, tries to imitate some of Elizas speech. After the guests leave, mrs.

Higgins shows up at his mothers house for her at  home day. His mother is not pleased to see him because she fears his eccentric activities will embarrass her when her friends visit. He tells her about Eliza and wants to bring the girl to his mothers house. Before she can deny him, Mrs. And Miss Eynsford arrive. The two women were in the first act with Freddy, who arrives with Colonel Pickering. Before higgins can offend the group with a discussion on his belief that they are all savages who are completely uncivilized, Eliza is announced. Her studied grace and pedantic speech make a positive impact on the group. All is going well until Mrs.

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pygmalion shaw summary

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Higgins reassures him that he has no interest in women least of all her. Pearce returns and admonishes him on his language and table manners while entertaining an impressionable young woman. Alfred doolittle, elizas father, enters. He has learned about his daughters plans from a neighbor and is using the excuse of defending his daughters honor to meet with Higgins. When Higgins tells him to go ahead and take his daughter, doolittle reveals that he is actually there for five pounds. He proudly promises to use linkin the money for instant gratification putting none of it in savings, which is useless.

The mans blustering and rhetoric amuse higgins, who gives him more money. Eliza enters the room then. She is clean and dressed in a blue kimono. The men are amazed at the change and her father doesnt recognize her. She is so happy with her transformation already that she wants to go to her old neighborhood and show off. The two men agree that they have a difficult task before them.

This noise upsets Pickering who steps in and is kinder. He tries to be considerate of her feelings and calls her Miss doolittle and offers her a seat. Pickering is interested in the idea of teaching Miss doolittle. He finds the experiment fascinating. So, he bets Higgins that if he can make eliza appear as a duchess by the Ambassadors Garden Party.

If Higgins is able to pull this off, pickering agrees to pay the expenses. The two men go back and forth on how to train her, while Mrs. Pearce tries to convince them on the impropriety and Eliza goes between being insulted and interested. Whenever she becomes indignant and threatens to leave higgins stuff her mouth with chocolate. Since she accuses him of trying to poison her with the chocolate, he eats the other half. Finally, they agree that Higgins will spend the next six months teaching proper speech and manners of a high-class lady. The first step is a bath. Eliza is led upstairs for a bath by Mrs. While the women are away, pickering talks to higgins about his intentions toward the young woman.

Pygmalion by george bernard, shaw

It is the same taxi that Freddy brought for his mother and sister, who he is surprised to find left without him. Act ii, the next morning Higgins and Pickering are resting after a long night of talking about their shared interests. The flower girl, Eliza doolittle arrives at the door and surprises the two men and Higgins housekeeper, Mrs. Eliza has come for lessons. She wants to pay higgins to teach her writing how to talk like a duchess so she can have a more genteel manner of speech. Her dream is to work in a flower shop instead of selling flowers on the street corners. He bragged the night before about his abilities and she plans on calling him on his blustering. Higgins alternates between laughing at her and threatening her. When he threatens to beat her with a broomstick, she begins to howl and screech.

pygmalion shaw summary

The viewers become more and more interested in this ability. When the rain clears almost everyone leaves. The note taker, gentleman presentation and flower girl are still there. The gentleman asks the note taker how he performed his act. He replies that it is phonetics or the science of speech. The note taker brags that he could make a duchess out of a flower girl with the use of phonetics. The note taker introduces himself as Henry higgins and the gentleman is Colonel Pickering. They are both scholars of dialects and have been hoping to meet for a while. Before the two men can leave the flower girl convinces Higgins to give her some change and when he does she is pleased to discover it is enough to take a taxi home.

she calls him Freddy, which is his name, his mother pays her for some flowers and asks how she knows his name. But she tells her that the name is a common word she would have used for anyone. The flower girl tries to sell her flowers to an older military gentleman, and while he is giving her some change a friend of hers warns her that another man is looking at her and taking notes about her activities. The friend thinks he may be a police informer. This leads the flower girl to hysterical protestations. The listeners become very angry and hostile towards the note taker. They accuse him of being an undercover cop. But, each time someone speaks up, he has the ability to place the persons home location simply by listening to their accent.

But, when the experiment is over, she wonders where she will fit in society. Since higgins has never thought about her leaving and has become accustomed to where she fits into his life, he takes her for granted. But, as a strong and independent woman, she leaves his house. When the play ends the viewers are still not writing quite sure whether he will win or she will as they meet on more even ground. Book, summary, act i, pygmalion opens to a heavy thunderstorm late at night. A variety of London residents is sheltered under the portico. Pauls church in Convent Garden. Poor and rich alike are sheltered together while the more affluent residents try to ignore the poorer residents, a flower girl still tries to sell her wares to them.

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Pygmalion, a play by george bernard. Shaw was first presented on the stage in 1913. The play is about a young cockney flower girl that is transformed into a lady by the phonetics professor Henry higgins. Eliza doolittle wants to improve her life and social standing, so when she overhears two gentlemen challenging each other about the importance of dialect in the social standing of people. Henry higgins wagers Colonel Pickering that he could take a girl like a flower girl near them, and transfer her into a duchess in a short time. When Eliza doolittle, dissertation the flower girl, hears the bet, she decides to take them up. She goes to the house of Professor Higgins the next morning and offers to pay him to teach her to speak clearer so she can upgrade herself from selling flowers on the street corner to working in a flower shop. Pickering agrees to pay for her expenses while the two of them take her on as an experiment in social reform. When they are finished, the take eliza to a party where she is a huge hit, and fools many people into believing she is a lady.

pygmalion shaw summary
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  2. Learn about the classic comedy, pygmalion, the 1913 comedy written. Shaw with this plot synopsis. Free preface summary. Pygmalion by george bernard, shaw.

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  4. Eliza doolittle wants to improve her life and social standing, so when. Greek mythology has two versions. In one tale, pygmalion was a greek king, grandfather to the handsome Adonis. In another, the poet ovid wrote a tale about a sculptor who created a beautiful statue that he named Galatea, who subsequently came to life.

  5. Chapter, summary for george bernard, shaw s, pygmalion, act 3 summary. Find a summary of this and each chapter. Pygmalion, a play by george bernard. Shaw, was first presented on the stage in 1913.

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