Essay on a rainy day 150 words

Rainy season Essay

— no, he is at work. Where is your brother? — he is at home. We have a large family. My granny often tells us long interesting stories. My father is an engineer.

My mother is at work. She is a doctor. I am not a doctor. I have no five sister. He is not a pilot. I have thirty-two teeth. He has a child. She has two children. Her children are at school. Is your father at home?

essay on a rainy day 150 words

Essay on, oprah Winfrey: An Inspirational Role model

This is a bag. The bag japanese is brown. It is my sister's bag. And this is my bag. My sisters are students. We are at home. My brother is not at home, he is at school.

essay on a rainy day 150 words

Short, essay on 'tiger' in Hindi 'bagh' par Nibandh (100

He's got a sore throat. This is cottage cheese. The cottage cheese is fresh. She bought meat, butter and potatoes yesterday. She also bought a cake. The cake was very tasty. We ate the cake with tea. This is my table. On the table i have a book, two pencils, a pen and paper.

I see a book in your hand. Is the book interesting? Do you need a camera? He never eats meat, he always eats vegetables, cereals, seeds, fruit, and nuts. He is a vegetarian. This is a pineapple. The pineapple is delicious. Elaine, apples are good for you! My cousin is upset.

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essay on a rainy day 150 words

Essay on various topics, current, topics and General

Sometimes they had dinner at the hotel and sometimes in a restaurant. I've got an idea. This is a pen. The pen is red. The pencils are black.

The soup is tasty. In the morning i writing eat a sandwich and drink tea. She gave me coffee and a cake. The coffee was hot. The cake was tasty. Do you like ice cream?

She has two daughters and one son. Her son is a pupil. Last year I gave my mother a bracelet for her birthday. She liked the bracelet. My brother's friendhas no dog. This pencil is broken.

Give me that pencil, please. She has a ball. The ball is big. I got a letter from my friend yesterday. The letter was interesting. When they were in Geneva, they stayed at a hotel.

Pacific Northwest, so, rainy?

The tree is green. I can see three boys. The boys are playing. I have a resume bicycle. The bicycle is black. My friend has no bicycle. Our room is large. We wrote a dictation yesterday. The dictation was long.

essay on a rainy day 150 words

Smith is a years poetess. He hasn't got a car. But he's got a computer. The computer is new. My friends have got a cat and a dog. The dog never bites the cat. 3, This is a tree.

a dog and two cats. I have a spoon in my plate, but I have no soup. My friend says he is going to be a millionaire one day. Would you like an orange? Smith is an artist, Mrs.

I have no tree handbag. She has got a headache. Have they got a car? — yes, they have. Their car is very expensive but reliable. Have you got a calculator? — no, i haven't. Is this a watch?

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This is a book. It is my book. Is this your pencil? — no, it isn't my pencil, it is my sister's pencil. I have a sister. My for sister is an engineer. My sister's husband is a doctor.

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