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Extensible markup Language (XML)

Valid xml ul li xml document is valid if It is well formed and it follows some semantic rules document is usually linked to an external file, that has semantic rules for the document. file can be dtd (.dtd) or schema (.xsd) rules? of tags, order of elements. Dtd linking ul li? Xml html"-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Strict/EN" xml:lang"en" lang"en" xhtml.0 Document /title is a minimal.0 /a /li /ul Rules for xhtml elements (order, names, etc). Dtd linking Defines the structure, tag names and order for all xhtml - documents W3C has created xml-language"xhtml" by defining it's rules in dtd. Is this valid xml document? Xml xml:lang"en" lang"en" xhtml.0 Document /title this is a minimal.0 /a /jorma is no dtd!

Rules about Attributes ul li xml elements can have attributes in the start tag. must be"d: sex'female' name'george"Shotgun" ziegler' name"George"Shotgun" ziegler". Naming Tags ul li names can contain letters, numbers, and other characters must not start with a number or punctuation character must not start with the letters xml (or xml, or Xml, etc) cannot contain spaces /li /ul. Well-Formed xml ul li xml document is well-formed night if it follows the syntax rules. document must be well-formed! not an xml-document, if it does not follow the rules. Is this Well-Formed xml document? Xml xml:lang"en" lang"en" xhtml.0 Document /title is a minimal.0 /a /li /ul. Xml xml:lang"en" lang"en" xhtml.0 Document /title this is a minimal.0 /a /jorma /li /ul. Valid xml document ul li defining the Structure for xml documents /li /ul.

xml presentation

W3c xml query (xquery)

Xml version"1.0" to xml /name. contents /li /ul. Xml-declaration is optional in xml.0, mandatory.1. 1.0.1 character encoding, default utf-8 the xml-document linked to external markup declaration no external markup declarations can have external markup declaration (open issue.)"no". Comparing Declarations ul li? contents to xml /name. contents /li /ul Same declaration. Attribute ul li Element consists of start tag, optional content and an end tag: to xml /name tag to xml tag tag may have attribute number"1". Rules about Elements ul li Only one root - element element contains starting tag and an ending tag is optional: Empty element!- same as - names are case-sensitive:!- error - must be write ended with the end tag in correct order : here /p /i!

xml presentation

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Xml home page /title web building tutorials /description tutorial /title rss tutorial on W3Schools /description tutorial /title xml tutorial on W3Schools /description /li /ul. Xml editors ul li xml spy xml notepad xml viewer styler, morphon, xml writer /li /ul. Well formed xml - document ul li rules that Apply to every xml-document /li /ul. Correctness ul li There are gpa two levels of correctness of an xml document. A well-formed document conforms to all of xml's syntax rules. A valid document additionally conforms to some semantic rules. first look at the xml's syntax rules (1). Simple generic xml example ul li?

are several xml markup Languages made for different purposes the languages have common xml-rules xhtml, ooxml, open Document, rss, svg, soap, smil, mathML. Xhtml - example ul li? Xml html"-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Strict/EN" xml:lang"en" lang"en" xhtml.0 Document /title is a minimal.0 /a /li /ul. Svg - example ul li? Xml svg"-/W3C/dtd svg.1/EN" width"100" height"100" version"1.1" cx"100" cy"50" r"40" /li /ul. MathML (Open Office) ul li? Xml math:math public modified W3c mathML.01/EN".0" x -b -sqrtb2-4ac over 2 a /math:annotation /li /ul. Rss.0 - example ul li?

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xml presentation

Json: The fat-Free alternative to xml

is an extensive concept. Xml document ul li every xml-document is text-based sharing data between different computers! sharing data in Internet! Text ul li Problems with Binary format depence to debug for the file can be hard xml is text-based, it does not have the problems mentioned above. are the disadvantages in text format? Xml doc Advantages ul li easy data sharing, text documents are readable between any device. can be modified with any text editor.

to understand the contents of the xml-document just by looking at it with text editor. to manipulate via programming languages levels of correctness: Well formed and Valid. li /ul.doc file format Windows ms word 2000 Mac Oince. Doc is closed binary-format, there are very few alternatives for word processors that fully support the doc file format.docx file format (Office Open xml) Windows ms word 2007 Mac Oopefully in the future there will be loads of free programs that support this new open. xml now the format is open and it's much easier to access. Xml sgml: Standard Generalized Markup Language xml html (.html) xhtml (.xhtml) MathML (.mml) ooxml (.docx). Xml meta language ul li xml is meta language, which you can use to create your own markup languages.

Because powerPoint 2007 presentations are formatted in xml, not the binary file format with which PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003 presentations are formatted, earlier versions of PowerPoint cannot open presentations made in PowerPoint 2007. Before you give a presentation you created to someone who uses PowerPoint 97-2003, save it as a powerPoint 97-2003 file. You can tell whether a powerPoint, Excel, or Word file is formatted for a 2007 program or an earlier version of the program by glancing at its file extension. PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files have four-letter, not three-letter file extensions, with x (for xml) being the last letter. Office program file extensions are here: Office Program File Extension, program. Office 2007, office 97-2003, access.

Docx.doc, previous, contents, next. Successfully reported this slideshow. Introduction to xml, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More. No downloads, no notes for slide. Introduction to xml jussi pohjolainen tamk university of Applied Sciences. ul li e x tensible m arkup l anguage, is a specification for creating custom markup languages recommendation purpose is to help computers to share data is meta-language. This means that you use it for creating languages.

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You may have heard of html (Hypertext Markup Language). Html is the markup language that Web browsers read to display web pages on computer screens. Microsoft adopted xml for PowerPoint 2007 reviews and its other Office programs (except Publisher) to make sharing information between the programs easier. Because files made in the Office 2007 programs are formatted in xml - because they are written in the same language - data from one Office program can be copied to another without the data's having to be translated from one binary file format. What is more, files in the xml format are half the size of files written in the old binary formats. And because xml is an open format - programmers know the codes with which the xml is written - people outside microsoft can write programs that produce xml data for use in Office programs. Xml makes it easier for different programs to exchange information. The new xml format matters to powerPoint 2007 users who intend to give their presentations to people who do not have powerPoint 2007. It matters as well to users who will show their presentations on computers on which an earlier version of PowerPoint is installed.

xml presentation

The examples are configured to work with. Jakarta tomcat.0, which may be downloaded and installed separately. The wml sample pages require a wap browser. A free wap browser emulator may be obtained from openwave. Detailed installation instructions may be found in the "Getting Started" section of the User guide, in the doc/guide subdirectory (or in the on-line guide.) feedback of any sort - suggestions, requests or contributions - would be greatly appreciated. The project administrator of this software may be contacted. Ms-powerPoint getting Started, not that you particularly need to know it if you do not share presentations with others, but PowerPoint 2007 presentations are formatted using xml (Extensible markup Language not the binary file format of previous PowerPoint versions. A markup language is a computer language, or set of codes, that determines how text, graphics, colors, money and all else is displayed on a computer screen.

sax filters in a pipeline, and for setting up streaming filters. There is a sample web application that illustrates how to build a simple shopping cart. The last, presenting xml file distribution may be downloaded from, sourceForge. It includes java source code and ant build files as well as binary jar files, a sample web application, and run scripts. It includes api documentation and a user guide. It also includes a number of third party jar files including Saxon (also xalan Apache xerces, sun's Multi-Schema xml validator, and the Apache fop pdf driver. It includes everything for running the sample web application except the java jdk and a web server. Presenting xml requires, java jdk.3 or later (it will not work with earlier versions.) It also requires a web server.

Presenting xml is a java web application framework for presenting html, pdf, wml etc. In a device independent manner. It aims to achieve a complete separation of content and presentation. It supports various kinds of content including xml files, dynamic content, sql result sets and flat files. It provides a declarative way for applying filters and xslt transforms to a stream of xml content in a pipeline. It allows user defined filters and serializers written as java plug-ins. It is component based and extendible. Presenting xml may be used as a command line tool or as a framework for a servlet-based web application.

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Note, the feedback system for this content will be changing soon. Old comments will not be carried over. If content within wood a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy. For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post. This is the home page. The core, presenting xml mark-up language is currently being further developed in a companion project, serving xml. Anyone interested primarily in the command line examples should use the. Serving xml software instead.

xml presentation
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In a device independent manner. The framework supports a flow.

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  1. In this section; Related sections. This section provides how-to top ics for working with presentation documents using the Open xml sdk.5. This topic discusses the Open xml sdk.5 for Office Presentation c lass and how it relates to the Open xml file format PresentationML. Presenting xml is a java web application framework for presenting html, pdf, wml.

  2. What is xml?2 xml stands for EXtensible markup Language xml is a markup. Presentation of xml documents. The visual presentation of a tei encoded document r equires the use of a style sheet or other conversion program. Presentation Slides in PresentationML; Open xml sdk.5 Slide Class ; Working with the Slide Class; Open xml sdk code Example.

  3. A meta language that allows you to create and format your own document markups a method for putting structured data into. Introduction to xml jussi pohjolainen tamk university of Applied. Presentation courses powerPoint courses; by linkedIn learning. This presentation is a tutorial for xml beginners.

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