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His was an essentially practical mind. It was by practical abuses that his mind was first turned to speculation — by the abuses of the profession which was chosen for him, that of the law. He has himself stated what particular abuse first gave that shock to his mind, the recoil of which has made the whole mountain of abuse totter; it was the custom of making the client pay for three attendances in the office of a master. The law, he found, on examination, was full of such things. But were these discoveries of his? No; they were known to every lawyer who practised, to every judge who sat on the bench, and neither before nor for long after did they cause any apparent uneasiness to the consciences of these learned persons, nor hinder them from asserting, whenever occasion offered. During so many generations, in each of which thousands of educated young men were successively placed in Benthams position and with Benthams opportunities, he alone was found with sufficient moral sensibility and self-reliance to say to himself that these things, however profitable they might.

An age of formalism in the Church and corruption in the State, when the most valuable part of the meaning of traditional doctrines had faded from the minds even of those who retained from habit a grass mechanical belief in them, was the time to raise. Accordingly, france had Voltaire, and his school of negative thinkers, and England (or rather Scotland) had the profoundest negative thinker on record, david Hume: a man, the peculiarities of whose mind qualified him to detect failure of proof, and want of logical consistency,. If Bentham had merely continued the work of Hume, he would scarcely have been heard of in philosophy. For he was far inferior to hume in Humes qualities, and was in no respect fitted to excel as a metaphysician. We must not look for subtlety, or the power of recondite analysis, among his intellectual characteristics. In the former quality, few great thinkers have ever been so deficient; and to find the latter, in any considerable measure, in a mind acknowledging any kindred with his, we must have recourse to the late. Mill — a man who united the great qualities of the metaphysicians of the eighteenth century, with others of a different complexion, admirably qualifying him to complete and correct their work. Bentham had not these peculiar gifts; but he possessed others, not inferior, which were not possessed by any of his precursors; which have made him a source of light to a generation which has far outgrown their influence, and, as we called him, the chief. To speak of him first as a merely negative philosopher — as one who refutes illogical arguments, exposes sophistry, detects contradiction and absurdity; even in that capacity there was a wide field left vacant for him by hume, and which he has occupied. This was Benthams peculiar province: to this he was called by the whole bent of his disposition: to carry the warfare against absurdity into things practical.

hart essays on bentham

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All movements, except directly revolutionary ones, are headed, not by those who originate them, but by those who know best how to compromise between the old opinions and the new. The father of English innovation both in doctrines and in institutions, is Bentham: he is the great subversive, or, in the language essay of continental philosophers, the great critical, thinker of his age and country. We consider this, however, to be not his highest title to fame. Were this all, he were only to be ranked among the lowest order of the potentates of mind — the negative, or destructive philosophers; those who can perceive what is false, but not what is true; who awaken the human mind to the inconsistencies and. We have no desire to undervalue the services of such persons: mankind have been deeply indebted to them; nor will there ever be a lack of work for them, in a world in which so many false things are believed, in which so many which. The qualities, however, which fit men for perceiving anomalies, without perceiving the truths which would rectify them, are not among the rarest of endowments. Courage, verbal acuteness, command over the forms of argumentation, and a popular style, will make, out of the shallowest man, with a sufficient lack of reverence, a considerable negative philosopher. Such men have never been wanting in periods of culture; and the period in which Bentham formed his early impressions was emphatically their reign, in proportion to its barrenness in the more noble products of the human mind.

hart essays on bentham

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He did so; and his arguments and his example together encouraged others. We do not mean that his writings caused the reform Bill, or that the Appropriation Clause owns him as its parent: the changes which have been made, and the greater changes which will be made, in our institutions, are not the work of philosophers, but. But Bentham gave voice to those interests and instincts: until he spoke out, those who found our institutions unsuited to them did not dare to say so, did not dare consciously to think so; they had never heard the excellence of those institutions questioned. Bentham broke the spell. It was not Bentham by his own writings; it was Bentham through the minds and pens which those writings fed — through the men in more direct contact with the world, into whom his spirit passed. If the superstition about ancestorial wisdom has fallen into decay; if the public are grown familiar with the idea that their laws way and institutions are in great part not the product of intellect and virtue, but of modern corruption grafted upon ancient barbarism; if the. It matters not although these thinkers, or indeed thinkers of any description, have been but scantily found among the persons prominently and ostensibly at the head of the reform movement.

Progressive philosopher, coleridge a conservative one. The influence of the former has made itself felt chiefly on minds of the Progressive class; of the latter, on those of the. Conservative: and the two systems of concentric circles which the shock given by them is spreading over the ocean of mind, have only just begun to meet and intersect. The writings of both contain severe lessons to their own side, on many of the errors and faults they are addicted to: but to bentham it was given to discern more particularly those truths with which existing doctrines and institutions were at variance; to coleridge. A man of great knowledge of the world, and of the highest reputation for practical talent and sagacity among the official men of his time (himself no follower of Bentham, nor of any partial or exclusive school whatever) once said to us, as the result. The more this assertion is examined, the more true it will be found. Bentham has been in this age and country the great questioner of things established. It is by the influence of the modes of thought with which his writings inoculated a considerable number of thinking men, that the yoke of authority has been broken, and innumerable opinions, formerly received on tradition as incontestable, are put upon their defence, and required. Who, before bentham (whatever controversies might exist on points of detail) dared to speak disrespectfully, in express terms, of the British Constitution, or the English Law?

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hart essays on bentham

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There are two men, recently deceased, to whom their country is indebted not only for the greater part of the important ideas which have been thrown into circulation among its thinking men in their time, but for a revolution in its general modes of thought. These men, dissimilar in almost all else, agreed in being closet-students — secluded in a peculiar degree, by circumstances and character, from the business and intercourse of the world: and both were, through a large portion of their lives, regarded by those who took the. But they were destined to renew a lesson given to mankind by every age, and always disregarded — to show that speculative philosophy, which to the superficial appears a thing so remote from the business of life essay and the outward interests of men,. The writers of whom we speak have never been read by the multitude; except for the more slight of their works, their readers have been few. But they have been the teachers of the teachers; there is hardly to be found in England an individual of any importance in the world of mind, who (whatever opinions he may have afterwards adopted) did not first learn to think from one of these.

These men are, jeremy bentham and Samuel taylor Coleridge the two great seminal minds of England in their age. No comparison is intended here between the minds or influences of these remarkable men: this was impossible unless there were first formed a complete judgment of each, considered apart. It is our intention to attempt, on the present occasion, an estimate of one of them; the only one, a complete edition of whose works is yet in progress, and who, in the classification which may be made of all writers into Progressive and. Conservative, belongs to the same division with ourselves. For although they were far too great men to be correctly designated by either appellation exclusively, yet in the main, bentham was.

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hart essays on bentham

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hart essays on bentham
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  2. Bentham asserts that this principle is the only right way of assessing actions, stating Systems which attempt to question it, deal in sounds.

  3. Apply by may 1: wallace shawn essays on poverty, write my essay 4 me up web personalization research paper. On, bentham s principles may get as far as this, that he ought not. Essays on Bentham (1982). Essay : (1) Finnis and Hart agree about what a legal system is; the difference between them is that Finnis, unlike hart.

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  6. As Social beings we are naturally Influenced. Essay, on, bentham 's Utilitarian Theory. Hart essays on bentham.

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