Writing a good press release

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Press releases are not dead. On the other hand, a press release is not meant for all public and if you want to target social media or your potential users you can also write an alternative press release. Check out this great post by copyBlogger on how to write a social media press release. Where to distribute, submit or Send your Press Release? The people you should send your press release to will depend on your niche. So there is no way to give you a blanket list that will work for everyone.

The symbols in the center mark the end of the press release summary content. Thats where you put some info about how to reach you for further information or interviews. Dont hesitate to give several ways to reach you. So here it is, the basic structure for your app press release. Now make good use of it! You can use press releases for other things than your app launch: an award, a new platform supported, a v2, etc. Are Press Releases too old School? Maybe, but they still work. Sometimes old school can be better depending on who youre targeting. If youre writing to a newspaper reporter, an official press release is the way to go and old school doesnt mean it has to be boring.

writing a good press release

How to market to and Through the media: Writing the

What I like to add is a really short preview/teaser of whats coming up: the next app to come in the same app series or something exciting. Make sure you dont confuse the reader, though. Website paper url and info. Thats were you want to mention your app websites or company website url and suggest visiting it for more information, screenshots and demo videos. Throw a line about your company at the end of your press release. You can mention awards or other well-known and appreciated apps youve produced. End of the press release.

writing a good press release

Where can i submit

Obviously thats only for the press release pdf youll put in your app press kit, not for the text-only version youll send in the body of your emails. Since you already have made and selected the best screenshots for your app details page on the store, why not use them? This part is the main body of your press release, and should (and Ill just" dave) explain in concise detail exactly what your app does, what features and benefits it provides, and why people should care. A great addition to the app explanation is a nice and short" from you or from a partner. Besides being pretty fun to write, it lets you bring up a different aspect of the app. Heres a good post on how to write a killer press release". Pricing, availability and coming. Just a line or 2 full of facts: stating the apps price, the os requirements, countries, etc.

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writing a good press release

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Also, you and dont want to send them an actual attachment like the file below (which is more for your press kit you should insert your text-only press release in the body of your email. Finally, dont just mass-email all your identified contacts: try to learn more about what they write and for who. Show them that you know their work (dont try too hard, though). A: App Icon and app name / Company. Insert your magnificient app icon at the top of the press release along with your app name (not the long version you might use on the AppStore or google Play). It could also be your company name and logo, depending on which one you want to put the focus on (if you company is unknown, i suggest you focus on the app).

This one is key. Like i said before, you should stay factual and use something like company releases product for platform. Its pretty hard but if you can, make it captivating and try mentioning something unique about your app (an award, its usage, etc.). If you havent lost journalists by now, this is where you have to convince them that your story is worth reading (and therefore that theirs will be too) so they go through more of your press release. You want to make clear what are the basics of your app and what makes it unique at the same time. Start with your location and release date. Re-explain in 2/3 sentences what your app is all about (not the features, the actual goal of the app) and who it is for.

Skim through past articles by the person you are about to send your press release. Which articles were shared the most and got the most comments? This will help you determine the right angle to pitch your app. Finally, keep it under one page. The people who can get the word out about your app get dozens of pitches a dayjust like yours.

The longer it is, the more likely it is that they will hit the delete button. Press Release Example (Structure of a press Release). To help you write your press release, here is a sample of one and a breakdown of its elements. Before we start : the question of when to send your press release to your contacts is an important one. If you want journalists not to publish a story right away you can mention. Under embargo until on the press release. That allows you to send it to them a few days prior to launch, along with your app promo video, and it lets them write their story to publish it on your app launch date. Be careful, though, they sometimes just ignore the embargo (so repeat it in your email as well).

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But how do you write an effective press release? You have to twist respect the standard rules and syntax so that its easy for reporters and bloggers to scan your story for its key elements. You also want to make sure that by scanning it, they will get a good sense of whats unique and newsworthy about your app. What you also want to keep in mind is that you have to stay factual in your press release and exaggerated marketing adjectives like great and amazing. Remember to look at your press release through the eyes of the person that you are sending. It can be easy to focus on what you want to get out of the app launch press release. But remember that the person who receives your press release needs to have a reason to write about your app. In other words, they need to look good too. Carefully consider what their readers want to read about.

writing a good press release

You need to summary publish the links of your press release and who knows, it may do the same trick. James Arnold is a passionate blogger. He has been writing articles on different promotional codes at coupon blogs where you can find prweb coupons and gneil priority code for a coupon website that has amazing offer on prweb coupons, gneil priority code and other promotional code. Writing and distributing your app press release is a step you dont want to skip. You started your app marketing efforts early, youve built a mailing list, youve engaged your users and got useful feedback. Your app is awesome and almost ready to be launched. Now you need to let journalists, bloggers and key influencers you identified in your app domain know about. Even the big guys in the industry dont assume that bloggers will automatically know about their app, so why should you? How to Write a press Release From the right Perspective.

sentence structure. This is boring into death. You need to use easy to understand English unless you do not want to commit marketing suicide. However, if you are left with no choice but to use a technical term, you need to add explanatory term along with. It will make it easier for people to come to term with the terms unknown. I have employed similar tactic when I wrote two prs back to back on prweb and gneil for my discount coupon blog. Add Social Reference into Press release and vice versa: do not forget to add links of your social presence in the press release. Sometimes, people may not find the press release good enough, but they may not that much averse to the idea of following your profile in the facebook or becoming another follower. Twitter The same thing is true with Facebook, twitter and other social media profiles.

You are sure to ban yourself or at least, credibility of your organization can come under scanner. So, you need to take a different approach. You need to make visitors promote the press release voluntarily and that can only happen if the press release really contain spark. For say, the headline has to be really awesome and should have an wow element in its short encompass. It has to be simple, arresting, concise and powerful at the same time. Make the Press Release Interesting: A boring press release is certainly going to help your company spread the message. Though there is no such scope to add some creative elements in a press release as far as the writing style and format is concerned, you can make it appear interesting by adding some relevant images, videos etc. Try to use subheading and break long paragraphs into small sections homework and whenever possible try to include simple graphs so that visitors can have a brief idea of the content within when they are skimming through.

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Yah, it is really tough to make a social media community take interest in your press release since press release is basically highly promotional in nature. But it has its share of advantages. You cannot small promote your product or service shamelessly onto social networking platform for the fear of losing the hard earned loyal fan base. So, like any other marketer, you have to tread very cautiously but this is not the case with press release. You can say good things about your service without caring a fig. Now, to get the best of the both worlds, you need to integrate press release into your social media marketing strategy. Now, if you are clueless how to integrate press release into your social media marketing mix, here it goes: a killer Press Release is All you need: Promoting press release is probably the toughest thing on earth. You cannot go overboard and share it on the wall on every facebook users.

writing a good press release
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The better you know how to write a press release, the more successful it will. If your story sounds too good to be true, then you may end up hurting.

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  1. Leave us a comment! Apple search Ads Creative sets best practices and optimization. For those who don't know, a press release is a news story that you write. New premises, personnel and products / services are all good ideas for stories.

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  4. Good press release can be very formulaic. This should really cut down on the time it takes you to write a press release and should provide the blogger. Sometimes, people may not find the press release good enough, but they may not that much averse.

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