Thesis statement for same sex marriage paper

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This money collected improves the economy of the country (Lehey 452). Homosexual marriage make is easier for a same-sex couple to adopt children(Lehey 249). In June 2010, a study published in us stated that more than 100,000 children were waiting to be adopted. Research found that children from same-sex marriage were rated higher on both social and academic competences compared with those from heterosexual family. The study also stated that children adopted by gay fathers were well adjusted as those adopted by heterosexual families (Lehey 254). Marriage has been known to provide physical and psychological health benefit. A research conducted showed that refusing people of the same sex who are in love to marry cause harmful psychological effects.

Opponent urges that same-sex marriage devalue marriage itself. They also say that it undermines marriage as the guy people make mockery of heterosexual marriage (Corvine 60). Some argument on guy marriage state that same sex marriage has the same stabilizing and beneficial effect on the society. The argument says that homosexual marriage helps in stabilizing the homosexual community, promote family values that the community would benefit from them (George 106). They provide love and, they nurture children who would otherwise not have them; this in general benefits the whole society. Setting rules that are against same-sex marriage stigmatizes gay and lesbian families as inferior and sends messages that they are not acceptable. This make them feel discriminated in the society. Every person has a right to marry whoever he or she wishes and she loves (George 107). Same- sex marriage can wallpaper bring financial gain to state and the local government. Revenue from this homosexual marriage comes from marriage licence, higher income taxes and decrease in costs for benefits programs.

thesis statement for same sex marriage paper

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Therefore, same-sex the marriage can be used as a way of runaway from population growth. Many persons on earth only contribute to global warming and more usage of valuable resources (George 100). The law that is against same-sex marriage only discriminate people practising. The natural law extremely narrows the view of valuable sexual activity as the only that it is open for procreation within permanent heterosexual marriage. According to lawyers, homosexual act cannot do more than provide individual gratification. Homosexual sex just like heterosexual sex, good will and expression are expressed. There is mutual benefit as the two people help in work and they share domestic tasks (Lehey 200). The problem associated with same-sex marriage as many peoples say is that it harms the society. Marriage plays a major role in the society and, it is a valuable institution.

thesis statement for same sex marriage paper

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Some has considered it as a taboo while others have strictly forbidden. However many people are practicing this marriage despite it been illegal. Democracy is a form of government where the citizens of the country have equal rights. They have equal contribution to hippie decision making on issues that are affecting them. This form of government allows its citizen to participate equally either directly or indirectly (Corvine 23). Argument proposing same-sex marriage, people who are married enjoy benefit such as joint ownership, medical cover etc. If two people of the same sex are allowed to marry each other, they would also enjoy many benefits together (Corvine 56). A society where there are many people who are practising same-sex marriage, there is birth control. This is because as we all knew, conception to takes place when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse and not a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

Students are prohibited from turning in all of the example projects as their own. Content: Name: Instructor: course: Date: Introduction, many people believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. It is a defined as social union between two people who come together and decided to live as husband and wife. These people have different reasons why they want to live together. Some want companion, other to have children and. Same-sex marriage is the marriage between two people of the same sex, that is, between a woman and a woman or a man and a man (George 45). Many communities globally have opposed this form of marriage.

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thesis statement for same sex marriage paper

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Times surely have changed since there were many rituals that one followed in the past which have now been discarded due to their adverse affects on the society. This does not mean that i am supporting the existence of relationships between the people of the same sex yet i insist that I have no right whatsoever to look down upon such people or question their choice. It is quite unnatural and unusual since its against the norms of the society to which we belong. Keeping in view that marriages are not meant for reproduction but rather they are based on the eternal vows of undying love between individuals. We all want freedom one way or the other whether it be freedom of speech, freedom to live or just the freedom to make decisions for ourselves. So if we believe that freedom to all the aforementioned is our birthright then the question arises that why is it that people have been denied the right to choose the person of their choice and marry? There is no denying the fact that same sex marriages or gay lesbian relationships are quite bizarre and may seem queer to people but that does not give them the right to criticize such people and deny them their happiness and the right.

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It can not be measured or defined in terms of sexual orientation. (Statement of Affirmation and Reconciliation by the quaker meeting in Aotearoa.) The issues related to marriage are quite intricate especially when one is faced with the dilemma of who should be married or not. The topic that is under consideration over here is the existence of attraction and relationship between people of the same sex namely gays and lesbians. There is quite a lot of ambiguity and discrepancy whereas such issues are concerned. It is difficult for people to articulate their acceptance on such form of human behavior. The idea is that when people look at the entire scope of issues surrounding marriage that a different perspective is created. In my opinion marriage is the ultimate bonding between two individuals. In the olden times the word marriage was referred as the union of one man and woman who mated and produced children. Many people believe that the world properly belongs to the heterosexual community and they base their judgment on the biological fact of sexual reproduction and thousands of years of tradition.

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thesis statement for same sex marriage paper

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thesis statement for same sex marriage paper
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